Friday, October 14, 2011

Exiled Jedi Vocational Readjustment (1d20)

I recently found some old notes I had on post-Jedi job opportunities--in other words, what do Jedi do when there's no proper temple or organization for the Order. If you've ever played the 2E version of West End Games' Star Wars RPG, they had a character template for a "failed Jedi". This was ostensibly any Jedi who survived The Purge and went on to choose a new line of work, be it paid or hobo.

So here's a list to get the ball rolling (literally, it's a random table of course!). Keep in mind, that any Jedi in hiding in plain view needs to remain so and if their powers come in to play they need to be able to explain their powers away as "tricks":

  1. Psychic / Fortune Teller
  2. Street Magician
  3. Private Detective (a la Psych or The Mentalist, but with real powers)
  4. Investigative Journalist
  5. Gangsters / Smuggler / Street Informant
  6. Physician / Veterinarian / Horticulturist (for those specializing in healing Force powers)
  7. Archivist / Librarian
  8. Alien Artifact Expert
  9. Ghost Catcher / Exorcist
  10. Homeless / Hermit
  11. Beast Whisperer
  12. Circus Freak
  13. Psychiatrist / Svengali 
  14. Gambler / Grifter / Stock Broker
  15. Politician (after elective surgery to disguise oneself)
  16. Sports Star (ditto)
  17. University Professor
  18. Combat Trainer
  19. Ruler of a Primitive Society
  20. Night Club Bouncer

Common sense dictates that many of these can be combined. And it should go without saying that they no longer need to stay completely on the light side of the Force. Once they're unemployed, their ethics are in a state of flux.

This also could just as easily work for any other RPG setting using psionicist, but I especially like the notion of a disbanded society of psionic ronin looking for purpose after The Fall.

Can you think of any others? I'll add them to the list.


  1. Great idea. It grounds the thing much more, gets back to the grittier nature of the original sequence. That disbanded society idea is superb.

    As for suggesting new, it's tough because the list is so full already. One thing I can't see is 'mad scientist' or the equivalent. Delving into the lore, deepening it though experimentation and maybe even going beyond it could be possible, especially if the wandering led to distant and unexplored locations or hidden stores of knowledge. It could be driven by a desire to rebuild, but also character flaws and less wholesome motives.

  2. This table is totally groovy. I would definitely use it if I took another stab at a Star Wars game.

  3. 21.Grizzled Professor
    22. Alcoholic archaeologist
    23.Retired Old Fart
    24.Self Defense Teacher
    25.Military Adviser
    26.Monk (Who has taken a vow of silence)
    27. Witch Doctor(of a primitive tribe on some back water world)
    28. Medical adviser to royalty/A back alley healer
    29. Astrologer working for a holo-paper
    30. Insane Artist