Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FROM THE ZONES 1 of 4: Galactic Outfitters reverse-engineered alien tech

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Preamble, taken from the FROM THE ZONES kick-off post at FATE SF:
A black market for recovered artifacts began to grow in the towns outside the Zones. Various governments, corporations, and wealthy individuals put together their own covert shopping lists

Looking to upgrade your planetary excursion gear? 

The Amalgamated Conglomerate Mercantile Exchange company is proud to partner with these fine manufacturers who have ingeniously reverse-engineered alien technology found in The ZONES. Order now and we'll throw in a free static window cling so you can show off your "FOUND IN THE ZONES" pride!

REM NarcoPod™ from The DreamSkil Institute

Alien tech recovered: Wireless psionic discharge module. Discovered amongst what appear's to be the torture chamber of a crashed alien craft.

Engineered into: REM-cycle re-education unit combined with long duration spaceflight sleep container, cartridge-based video game system.

Chet's had no game when it came to displaying sick skills in disc golf--but then he found NarcoPod!
Need something to do on those looooong outer-rim excursions? You've got nothing but time on your hands on those deep space sojourns into the black so why not cool your heels--and your neurons--in this state-of-the-art, single-occupant, skill-building hypersleep unit.

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced skills in a variety of fields are available under the following matrix:
  • Dexterity/Agility-based skills - advance 1 level - 1 month
  • Intelligence-based skills - advance 2 levels - 1 month
  • Charisma, Wisdom/Presence-based skills - advance 1 level - 1.5 months
Strength/Physique and Constitution-based skills not eligible. Check with your local ruling space authority to see if restrictions apply. Skills programs can be downloaded via interstellar WiFi service to DRM-laden, proprietary cartridges. Skill cartridges are sold separately (see pricing below). The NarcoPod™ can only add or improve one skill at a time.

WARNING: Check to make sure carts are properly seated before operating. Due to unforeseen circumstances in development funding, modifications to the skill cartridge interface were made using re-purposed aftermarket entertainment modules.

Dammit Jerry, I told you not to pound a Red Bull before hypersleep!
SIDE EFFECTS: The following side effects have been found to occur in 1d12 individuals once they awake from hypersleep.
  • 1) Skills atrophy after 1d6 rounds
  • 2) Sleeper suffer unexplained handicap of -2 for 2d4 rounds when using skill
  • 3) Skills gain unexpected bonus of +3 for 1d4 rounds or if more than one bed is in use on a trip, 4) skills are given to the person sleeping in an adjacent pod
  • 5) Psychic storm occurs, sleeper loses control of conscious self for 1d4 rounds and attacks friendly crew members with mental blast which lowers any Intelligence or Presence rolls for team by -1 for rest of game
  • 6) Dreams intrude on reality, roll for 1d6+1 number of random monsters created from sleeper's consciousness
  • 7) NarcoPod copies consciousness of sleeper, using it to overwrite ship's artificial intelligence persona, synthezoid individuals, or onboard robotic staff, with malcontented version
  • 8-12) Nothing...nothing at all--really!
BONUS: Unit comes with one free gallon of bio-coolant for icing your hopeless meatsack!

Retail price + installation: 3,150cr
Discount price: 2,900cr, skills
Skill cartridges: 2,200cr ea., some restrictions may apply

Note: Written for X-plorers ruleset, but easily convertible to other games.


  1. Cool. I had to unleash a lethal psychic storm once. Not pretty.

  2. They're scary business, esp. if you're operating without a psi screen!

  3. Used to be a torture chamber, now repurposed (as the corporates like to say - it's never a good sign when you see that word) as a teaching machine. Does it come with a warranty?

  4. If you survive the encounter you'll get full replacement for the exact same item! :)