Sunday, February 3, 2013

Want a custom pulp magazine cover for your campaign?

YOU GUYS! Go RIGHT NOW to Bradley W. Schenck's  Thrilling Tales Pulp-O-Mizer like I did!

You get to choose from a wide variety of zany magazine titles, enter your own text, choose a hero or spaceship for the cover, set the background, and more. You get save a JPG of your cover for free or you can order a print, mug, etc. Seriously, what GM wouldn't go nuts for something like this, either to bring to the table or as a memento of a past campaign?

The art style may look familiar to you--Schenck is the same talented artist who created Retropolis, the lavish illustration series that's set in a gilded art deco city of the future. I'm having such a blast making covers that I don't think I can stop.

Seriously, I may never leave my computer!!

Via io9.


  1. This is way too much fun. Perfect for my Star Frontiers group!

  2. The last few days, I've been watching people post all kinds of cool covers. It's a hoot!