Monday, February 11, 2013

X-plorers still set for Con of the North

Con of the North is this weekend! I'm super excited, but also nervous at running a game at a con. I've been working up monsters, aliens, encounters, and more to get ready. It'll be in the Rad Astra setting* using the X-plorers rules. I'll have several copies of the players guide portion of the manual for people to use, and they'll get to keep it as well--plus a few other surprises!

Oh, and I'll definitely be taking advantage of "GM's perogative" in playing loose with said rules. I'm planning to devote more energy to making it fun than rules lawyering.

When? Where?
It looks like the game is set for Saturday from 8pm- 10pm. It's at the Holiday Inn St. Paul East--no word on what room yet. It's a short session, but I'm kind of glad about that. I think I can pack in about 2 big encounters, along with a decent amount of time to introduce the game to players and roll up PCs.

I don't see it listed on the Con of the North site yet, but I have a request in about that. Hopefully, they'll either get it up online or there is some sort of insert put into the programs at the con. As soon as I have more info, I'll post it.

Come out and play!
If you're thinking of going, you can still register on-site. I hope to meet some local gamers and have a blast!

*We'll be using standard X-plorers classes, but will have some Rad Astra-y skills from which to choose.


  1. Jay, I can't see why a guy that has so many super ideas should be nervous. I look forward to hearing your reports after the con.

    Would love to be in your X-plorers game if I was there.

  2. Hi Jay:

    I am definitely going to see if I can get into your session, but in case I can't please stop by the House of Indie Games theme room so we can meet!


    John Till

  3. @dervisher, aw, thanks! That comment made my day! I'll definitely have an after-report to deliver.

    @John, for sure I will. I hope I can get some details nailed down soon, but in the event it gets mucked up I'll come find you at the HIG room.

  4. @Jay: Burl at The Source also suggested a few weeks ago that you might want to run a scenario for our Thursday night group. So yes, let's talk!