Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hey, here's a 3D image of a nebula

Here's a nice little "holographic" starmap for your next night at the gaming table (or hyperfuel for your next fan fiction). It's a an animated .gif in 3D of cosmic cloud Melotte 15 in the Heart Nebula, IC 1805 by astro photogropher J-P Metsävainio.

It's essentially a stereograph of an object in space. So I have to ask--why aren't we doing this for EVERYTHING IN SPACE? I'm thinking we need to tie two Hubbles together. Should be easy! #NASAMAKEITHAPPEN

Okay, maybe not. But it's pretty cool, huh?

Full article at Universe Today


  1. It sure is. He's up in Oulo, Finland and has a blog where he posts some really amazing work. http://www.astroanarchy.blogspot.com/