Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Terminal Space: D&D in the Void

So by now word has spread about the Terminal Space supplement (and blog!) out on the interwebs in the last day or so. All I can say is WOW! The book is a mix of new classes, monsters, treasure, spaceships, adventures, etc. for OE D&D. That is to say, it's similar to X-plorers, but not exactly. X-plorers still has it's own mechanic and really is a "re-imagining" of what D&D could have been in a sci-fi universe--it's a complete game. Terminal embellishes on existing OE rules and setting (think Carcosa or Athanor, in that respect).

I've not had a chance to get more than a glance at it, but so far it looks like a blast and it's even got original artwork.

Oh, and most importantly, the supplement is FREE, which is +1 in my book. :)

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