Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random Space Finds #13: Your Luck Just Ran Out

Floating flotsam and jetsam, tumbling slowly in the void (1d12):
  1. A birthday present that when opened detonates an electromagnetic pulse, knocking out everything electrical in a 10 kilometer radius
  2. 102 passenger flotation vests marked "Mayflower Express", all inflated without passengers
  3. Ecto Containment Unit and Protection Grid substation box, closure lever snapped off
  4. Milky Way's Most Wanted holo-kiosk with your picture and "1,000,000 credit reward" posted beneath it, stuck on "repeat"
  5. A translucent case containing the most beautiful yellow and pink flower you've ever seen, looking at it gives you feeling of peace, but you sense others are trying to take it away from you or want to destroy it
  6. K.C. and the Sunshine Band, complete boxed set
  7. .5 oz. vial of grey goo-like substance
  8.  A circlet that allows the wearer to intermittently see through the eyes of a stowaway saboteur or assassin on your ship
  9. 8-pack case of high-protein "power bars" that reduce one of your attributes by -3 for the duration of one game session  
  10. A semi-intelligent, microscopic black hole that only eats objects smaller than a tennis ball, and goes by the name Roger
  11. A beautiful woman, asleep aboard 150 mile-long spaceship, hidden inside a comet
  12. The manual to a massive de-terraforming device, written in an insectaur language, last page has 20 human homeworlds listed


    1. "KC and the Sunshine band complete box set." I think I can make a cursed magic item out of that one. ;)

    2. how did you know I was a
      "white boy?"

    3. @Trey, I thought that was already implied! ;)