Thursday, November 3, 2016


Warner Bros. has released the latest Wonder Woman trailer and it's looking FANTASTIC. I've been looking forward to this one for YEARS. I've been hoping that WB would do right by her in a motion picture, having been disappointed with some of their recent efforts to bring DC comics to the big screen.

And I've got a geeklet of my own that is getting to know Wonder Woman for the first time. She LOVES the 70s TV show and some of the Superfriends cartoons. And while she'll still be too young to see the new film, Gal Gadot will be everywhere next summer and as the new face of Wonder Woman, I really want this interpretation to be as good as I hope it will be.

The trailer has some truly fun moments there with the action sequences and snappy dialogue. And Gadot IS Diana Prince! She has the air of an Amazonian warrior, but still has the charm that Diana is also known for.

And we're FINALLY starting to see a break from the ash-coated look of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman into a much more colorful and vibrant aesthetic. The previous films were awash in dirty, burnt hues that just reinforced their heavy-handed storylines. It looks like Diana is being given a fresh start in the DC movie-verse.

Here's some magnificent new posters, just released by WB:

Okay, enough--it's bullet blockin' time--HERE'S THE TRAILER:


BONUS: Someone edited all the existing movie footage (including clips from BvS) to the classic theme song from the TV series!

Click on images to enlarge. Images courtesy: Warner Bros.

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