Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Space dungeon: Perry Rhodan spaceship cutaway

Found this one on Facebook. Looks like mini stunt double for the Death Star, but it's actually a cutaway image of a battleship--the Leif Eriksson--from a Perry Rhodan story. (Odd that it's not the sharp-nosed cruiser you usually find images of online.)

Though I'm not 100% confident in my Google-fu, I suspect this what the exterior looks like:

In any case, go ahead and embiggen that top image and you've got yerself a nifty space megadungeon map! 

1 comment:

  1. doesn't seem to be the same ship (midsection doesn't have the same bulk). In any case, spherical ships have been a staple for Perry Rhodan since the beginning.

    by the way, I think all the hundreds of schematics for PR ships are available here: (sorted by story cycle)