Friday, April 3, 2015

Opening Crawl for Star Wars heist, a.k.a., stealing the Death Star plans

I'd meant to post this earlier, but it's good that I'm doing it now because it's jogging my brain while I finish up the adventure for tomorrow night's Saturday Night Space Opera.

Following is a version of the scroll I read aloud to the players at the beginning of the March game. I'll read it again as a recap for returning and primer for newer players.

Episode 3.95


It is a time of galactic oppression! The newly formed Rebel Alliance has intercepted Imperial transmissions from Grand Moff Tarkin himself that speak of an incredible super weapon with which to terrorize the galaxy.

Reports from all over the galaxy have been streaming in for months: nearly a third of the Empire's military resources have pooled together to construct something beyond imagination.

Rebels spies have located a research facility in the mid-rim of the galaxy. On a secluded moon of the gas giant MELAKU, in a dense jungle of giant foliage and twisted vines, hides a stronghold where the purported blueprints were developed-- codenamed: DIANOGA.

The rebels have put out a galaxy-wide call for bounty hunters, code slicers, mercenaries and spacers of fortune to find a way inside and steal the plans. Only you and your team of scoundrels can break into the heavily guarded facility and prevent annihilation. 

Your adventure begins in the MALASTARE SYSTEM, aboard an orbital repulsorpod raceway. Your contact, Bothan racing team owner DAELU H'RNDHAR, will have your mission details.


Note: I'd really hoped to use the Star Wars Crawl Creator for the first time, but it's not very customizable. :(

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