Monday, April 6, 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy take over SNSO on Free Comic Book Day!

Well look at that--the very next Saturday Night Space Opera lands smack dab on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! John and I have chatted many times about what we think the perfect game would be for that day and the answer has always come up:

...because obviously. But Mr Till is also a fan of the old Guardians--the ones before Star-Lord and his merry bunch of a-holes. So we're throwing these guys in too:

...and then we thought why get some Avengers on board, plenty of them have fought along side the Guardians at one time or another. And of course a dozen or X-men who've been in space. And who could forget the Fantastic Four--who BEGAN their adventures in space.

When you think of it, who really hasn't been a part of the Marvel Cosmic Universe?

So come FCBD, there's gonna be an all-out space brawl at the Source Comics and Games! It also seemed totally obvious that in the spirit of all things from the 80s, we should be playing the TSR version of Marvel Superheroes.That's right, FASERIP BABY!

Bring on the totally tubular colored charts!
Speaking of the Source, co-owner Bob has been mega supportive of us playing that night. He's a righteous dude and we're super grateful to him for letting us be a part of the celebration at the Source!

One final thing, to attend you gotta RSVP on the SNSO CONTACT page. Include some contact info (email or phone) so we can confirm your seat prior to the event and ensure we have enough GMs. It's gonna be BYO 2d10 and pre-gens galore will be available to choose from. 

Starts at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 2
Source Comics + Games


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