Thursday, February 5, 2015

I have something in Expanded Petty Gods!

There is no escape from the Goddess of Space Junk and Derelict Hope!
So THIS is pretty damn exciting! I submitted an entry to Expanded Petty Gods, overseen by the multi-talented Richard LeBlanc of New Big Dragon Games. Actually, I was a big baby about not getting into the previous efforts (I missed deadlines due to dumbness) and he relented!
Enslaved robo-space hornet is minion to Detriax
Either way, I'm extremely proud to be a part of this OSR community effort to bring some fun, homebrew content to game tables.

My entry is (naturally) on the scifi side: Detriax, a space goddess that consumes (and even creates) space wreckage and heartbroken star sailors. Imagine Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean mashed up with the Unicron or Galactus. She's got a few minions as well. Here's some of the fantastic illustrations for the entry.
FUN FACT: One type of Detriax's minions--a relative of the space hornet pictured here--appeared in an early Rad Astra home campaign. This art represents the first public depiction of a Rad Astra denizen

Scrap bots and an enslaved organic
She'll get a few tweaks, especially in the way of stats (which I'd left more or less as "unknowns" back when I wrote it). But in general, I think this whole project is shaping up to be something really special for GMs. It's already clocking in at more than 380 pages!! 

UPDATED: New image of Detriax's scrap bot minions as well as an enslaved organic!


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