Tuesday, February 17, 2015

COMING SOON to a toy aisle near you: Star Trek, Fifth Element, Flash Gordon, and a certain barbarian...

Last week some cool new toys were announced and revealed at the New York Toy Fair. Here's a few I'm looking forward to--who am I kidding--I've BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO these for YEARS! The sheer amount of sci-fi based franchises here is enough to overload one's hyperdrive motivator. (Click to enlarge any of the images below.)

From Funko:

Funko has had a lot of fun/success with their ReAction figures, which ape old Kenner Star Wars-era toys, right down to the 5-points of articulation and goofy faces. I love that style of fig, so there's a few here that will be hard to resist.

Star Trek!
Most of the main crew from the original cast are here, plus an Orion slave girl and a GORN!

Fifth Element!
I'm hoping this is just the first wave, but they have Dallas, two LeeLoos, Zorg, Ruby, and a Mangalore warrior, so that's a more than decent start. Now we just need some SPACESHIPS!

UPDATE: Head over to Cool Toy Review for a high-res gallery of all the new ReAction figures. More series are featured, including Breaking Bad, Scarface, Taxi Driver, The Karate Kid, Jaws, Terminator 2, Gremlins, Tomorrowland, The Flash, and Big Trouble in Little China.

Mix and match for maximum fun-tizing!
Here's--literally--the most space opera toy ever going octave-for-octave with Gracie the lawyer in a interstellar rendition of The Mikado:

A tale of two tough guy taxi drivers: Korben Dallas vs. Travis Bickle! "You talkin' to me?" "Negative, I am a meat popsickle."

You've long wondered who would win in winner-takes-all melee between Jack Burton and a Gorn. Talk about shaking the pillars of Heaven!

And then there's Tiny Robert Shaw:

Seriously, just throw Darth Vader in the garbage because the biggest badass in cinema just got made into an action figure.

"Did you say you fell into lava? I'm sorry, I survived the @#$!ing sinking of the Indianapolis!"

Later, after the boat is made even smaller by Bruce, Tiny Roy Scheider leaves to work with dolphins.

From: Bif Bang Pow

Flash AAAH!
This came out of NOWHERE. Flash Gordon figures that can now fight alongside your old Star Wars figs: Flash, Vultan, Barin, Ming, Aura (no Dale or Zarkov yet). Here's hoping we get a rocket cycle too. I'd also like a Klytus and a few of those hose-nose troopers.

From Mezco Toyz:

And then, there was THIS announcement from Mezco on Twitter:

Seriously 2015, why do you hate my wallet so?

From Warpo:

UPDATE: Warpo Toys has teased a mega huge Cthulhu monster that seems to rival the old Star Wars Rancor toy in scale. I hope you're sitting down for this:

Imagine how that will look on your shelf as it battles for cosmic supremacy amidst the space opera singers, Starfleet officers, and diving hawkmen! The 12" figure will retail for $99. It's highly likely he'll be in limited quantities.

Images from Funko, Bif Bang Pow, Toy News International, Action Figure Insider, Toy Ark, Cool Toy Review

Special shout outs to the Bothan Spy network (Brutorz Bill and Jeffry Willis)!


  1. I didn't know about the Thundarr figures! Cool!

    1. I know! I had no idea they even had the license!

  2. So damn cool. Need me those TOS figures!

  3. ReAction makes a lot of great action figure lines, and I'm really looking forwards to the Thundarr series.

    The only issue I have is the general lack of articulation. For example, if you have an Enterprise bridge display/diorama, having some joints in the knees with the Star Trek figures would allow them to sit down at their respective stations. I understand they are suppose to look those old Kenner action figures, but at the same time, I got really spoiled with the newer figures with their fancy 22-points of articulations and life-like face sculpts. *caresses '08 Boba Fett Star Wars The Legacy Collection figure*

    1. I hear ya man. Yet, the Flash Gordon figures seem to have articulated elbows and knees --so that's something.