Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TRAILER: Latest Godzilla gives HUGE plot point!

HOLY F@#$! The new trailer for Godzilla reveals a previously unreleased plot detail. A BIG ONE. Monster movie fans will immediately get what's going--and it changes the big G's role in the film.

This feels like a spoiler to me, so fair warning to you--though, this just makes me want to see it even MORE!

If you watch it and comment below, spoilers be damned!


  1. Wow, that trailer completely changes my original perception of the movie. It's going to be more like a traditional kaiju-on-kaiju Godzilla movie. Now I really want to see this movie.


  2. Interesting. I like it. The other Kaiju, in 'flight mode', reminds me a bit of Mothra or Battra, although considerably less colorful.

    1. At first I thought it was Rodan. But I've been reading that it's Muto.