Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rad Astra status and players companion blog

YES, work continues on Rad Astra. The pace is a bit slower than I'd like (the kid is now 9 months old!) but we're still plugging along. :) I'd considered a Kickstarter at one point (or a donation button), but I think I'd rather do something more on my own--though that will take longer to produce.

My two big tasks right now are polishing some rules on magic (which I'd prefer to playtest before releasing) and finding some illustrators. I've been curating an image file for inspiration and to use in pitching to artists. Playtesting will need to be done outside my regular group as they meet rather infrequently and I need to get this ship moving if there's any hope of getting the setting done by the end of the year!

In the meantime, you may recall that a while back I set up a separate players' companion blog for Rad Astra. I'm less concerned with players cheating and checking out the real blog as much as I am just overloading them on info. Regular readers will see pretty much what they've seen here, but in some cases pared down. Exonauts will still be the go-to for those looking to run a game in the setting including adventure hooks and stats for monsters, etc.

Currently the PC version covers classes and the premise for the setting, plus a few other tidbits. But I'm thinking it (eventually) will have:
  • A storefront/where to go to get stuff (equipment, weapons, etc.)
  • Things they can do (e.g. gambling/carousing at space casinos and dives) 
  • Tips about certain interesting areas of the galaxy to explore
  • Want ads (basically a job board of missions)
So there you have it, many irons in a slow, but still burning fire!

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