Thursday, September 12, 2013

Battlestar Galactica + Space: 1999 = YES!

Somewhere there is a fanboy walking on water because he's done the Lord's work and weaved two classic space opera TV shows together into a miracle of awesome! Turns out the Galactica, wandering the cosmos for Earth has stumbled upon Moonbase Alpha adrift in the black. Far-out, sci-fi hijinks ensue!


  1. Ha! Neat.

    Check this out...

    Did you ever see the 1970's Post-Apocalypse Saturday Morning Kids Show Ark II?

    You'll notice the characters' uniforms almost appear to be the opposite of those worn by the crew of Moonbase Alpha.

    I recently theorized that the two take place in the same universe many years apart. After the Moon leaves Earth orbit due to an explosion, the Earth's conditions deteriorate to the point of the background of Ark II.

    Nice huh?

  2. Well, without that Moon, there would not be much of an Earth to go to - it kinda needs that chunk of rock to maintain its stable enviroment.

    So, when will they stubble on the long lost Robinson Family? (God save them, if any of them find themselves on Gilligan's Planet!!! XP)

  3. @Barking, I never noticed that--but I see it now! A post apoc Earth would totally be apropo!

    @Malcadon, those poor bastards! I imagine it's even worse when the moon is completely gone than if it were just, say, broken. ;)

  4. Thanks for the motivation to start another Stars without Number retro 70's mash up science fiction campaign!