Thursday, September 19, 2013

AVAST! A rules-light pirate RPG!

Ahoy landlubbers! Fellow X-plorer and friend Bill DeFranza has written a rules-light pirates RPG called YARR! over at For a mere five doubloons you can set sail for a life of plunder and piracy on the digital seas with a handy PDF.

A softcover print-on-demand book is in the works too--and your electronic purchase earns you a coupon towards the POD version. The game promises swordplay, Atlantean magic, and  pirate ship combat.

Here's the word from the cap'n himself:
YARR! is a fun, easy to learn game for kids, beginners or veteran players who emphasize story and role play over rules. Based on Brave Halfling Publishing's Dagger RPG for kids, YARR! is intuitive for anyone who has played any OGL / d20 game. It is streamlined so that kids can grasp it easily but robust enough (and including advanced rules for skills) so that veteran player won't find it overly simplified.

Yarr! includes rules for ship to ship combat, a bestiary of human and monstrous adversaries, booty (treasure) appropriate for historical fantasy of the Golden Age of Piracy, Mermaid magic, even a Pirate Talk glossary!

Just looking at the table of contents has me yearning to run a Sinbad-style campaign, ala Ray
Harryhausen. YARR sounds like the perfect game to play today--Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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