Friday, April 5, 2013

These are the adventures you're looking for!

Ever wonder what your favorite cheesy sci-fi movie would look like if were a Star Wars (West End Games era) adventure module? Or what would sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet might look like if it were  set in a galaxy far, far away?


Star Wars RPGer and Force adept Rologutwein (I think I'm spelling that right) of Star Wars Dakota has crafted these awesome module covers for some conversions he's working on. I hope to Yoda he's planning on making those available.

These are just some of the ones he's posted, check out his blog for more. And BTW, you all should be reading his blog. [Wags finger sternly]

These are just so supremely cool--even the text reads like those old books.. Man I miss West End.


  1. Don't you wag your fing...oh yeah that is a cool blog...THANKS!


  2. Sweet spermatazoa of Krakatoa.

    Those are AMAZING.