Thursday, April 4, 2013

Refining Rocket Raccoon for the big screen!

Marvel has dropped several new stills and illustrations (and a now redacted-from-the-web video) showcasing the next phase of their movie universe. From the look of this concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy, it appears my favorite interstellar rodentia, Rocket Raccoon is really starting to come along in the design process.


I'm convinced! Now if they'd just tell us who's going to voice him. Here's another shot of RR with some of the other Guardians in a seedy space saloon...

Good stuff! Here are a few more of my favorites, including a couple'a spaceships from GotG...

Falcon spreads his (I'm guessing Ultimates-inspired?) wings in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier...

And here's a still from Thor 2: The Dark World. I really liked the first one--just the right amount of Silver Age fun and frivolity!

And I'm THRILLED that Ant-Man is actually happening! I've been a Pym fan for many years.But if we can get an Ultron showdown out of this, then we'd be REAL close to finally seeing my personal favorite superhero on-screen for Avengers 3: THE VISION!

I think they did right by his helmet, giving it a real old-school look. (I should clarify though that these stills are from live-action test footage. So it could change.)

One can only hope. Anyway, I need to get caught up on Guardians of the Galaxy comics ASAP!


  1. Ummmm.... Raccoon's aren't rodents. They are in the Procyonidae family, not Rodentia.

  2. My sincerest apologies to varmints everywhere!