Saturday, August 18, 2012


AS STATED PREVIOUSLY: Seriously, why hold on to that $5, $15, or $25? You know in your heart that you've wanted to laser blast things and strangle other things with noodley appendages.

Entanglement: A creature with that many arms can quickly seize control of an opponent once in close range. The Squid can use it's arms to strangle an opponent very effectively. When grappling an opponent, the Squid takes no to hit penalty for the attempt, the entangled enemy takes a -2 to its STR check to escape, and the Squid can deliver 1d6 crushing damage to the opponent each round it is entangled.

Look into your three-chambered heart and tell me you can't honestly imagine yourself giving a big space bear hug to your enemies.
Rage of the Hunter: While the modern civilized Bearman is seldom the font of violence of eons past, he nevertheless bears within him an innate Rage that he may call upon to become a truly unstoppable force on the field of combat. Once per day, the Bearman may call upon this great rage, granting him an additional +2 to hit and -2 to AC for the duration of the combat, and allowing him to continue fighting on even after his hit points have been reduced to up to -10 below zero.

Hulks and Horrors wants you. NEEDS YOU. YOU'RE PART OF THE TEAM, MAN/WOMAN.

Even that thing on the right, says you're the best.

Dig deep (into the cushions of your Laz-E Boy, Lazer boy). The clock is ticking--there's like, less than 56 hours left...but I know you'll come through, Space Ace. YOU'VE JUST GOT TO COME THROUGH.

.....he believes in you.


  1. I posted something similar on "No School," I do hope we can pull this off.

  2. The project's caught me at a bad time for donating, but all the same I've let my own corner of space know the plight.