Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why you already love Hulks & Horrors sci-fi RPG but didn't know it.

There's a bevy of new sci-fi games out there, of the pencil and paper variety, that are looking for crowdfunding. I'm here to tell you that Hulks & Horrors is worth your hard earned space creds.

YEAH, it's a gonzo, whatever, space dungeoncrawl that you'll totally love and you'll get to play things that look like they escaped from the Brooklyn Zoo, circa 3012:
Yes, that's an anthropomorphic bear in a space suit back-to-squishy-part with a hovering squidAre we done here?

No? (Seriously?) Fine, let's continue. What you probably weren't aware of is that the artists are incredibly talented dudes who's work you likely already adore.

Ever seen this mini comic?

Click to enlarge any of these images to awesome proportions.

Clandestinauts, like its predecessor Intrepideers, is GONZO in all caps, my friends. It's a mini (and web) comic exploring the adventures of a ragtag group of adventurers through a sick and fantastical dungeon where all manner of horror is hoisted upon the hapless heroes. It's by Tim Sievert, who happens to be an amazing cartoonist and illustrator based in Minneapolis. I've met Tim on many occasions when he's hosted a table at local conventions and I'm the proud owner of several pieces of his work.

The other righteous fellow is Evan Palmer, who I met a while back and have been buying all the mini comics he's put out that I can get my grubby clubs on. My favorite so far is The Godins, about a band of wiley goblin misfits and their constant self-sabotage. (His site doesn't have a sample of that one up, but check out "The Trials of Sir Goodknight" for a close approximation of his expertly crafted sequential storytelling).

The H&H adventure party near the top of this post is his illio, FYI. Here's another robot character from his personal website.
I've wanted to see some sci-fi art from these guys--independently--for a while now. The thought that they'll BOTH be working on something TOGETHER is just about enough to make my primitive lizard-nerd brain go supernova. They're not only talented, but seriously good guys and I'm immensely proud their in my neck of the woods. They're the real deal.

So it comes to this, you space oaf: become a frakin' backer--for five measly space bucks you can get playtest access. For $10 more you can get it electronica. For $25 you can get the assassinated arbor version and can color in your tentacled friends. (There's also an H&H widget at right.)

Look, if the art alone doesn't get you, then the idea of mutant aliens (or is it alien mutants?) as the basis for an adventure party should, because astrobears.

Give your dice something fun to atomize!

Hulks & Horrors official site

Images are the property of their respective awesome creators. Word.

P.S. If I find my copies of their comics (we just moved, gimme a break, there's like 40 boxes still unpacked!) I'll post those and delete this sentence.


  1. I donated as soon as I learned of the project. Hope it funds!

  2. I'm pretty excited about this one also!

  3. You frogging bastages for getting me excited about this.. Between the Indie Go Go page, the artwork, Bill's entry, & now this entry. I have yet another game to pine for. I'm very,very upset for guys bringing this to my attention. Sigh.. Here's another game with cool aliens, space ships, & a retro feel to it.

  4. I'm interested but a little less enthused than you all. My first thought is that H&H would be a fantastic new setting for X-plorers rather than a whole nother game. That said, if it funds, I'll jump on at the last second to get a copy.

    Yes, Needles, I feel your pain: these Kickstarter and Indygogo games are slowly but surely making me poor!

  5. I read the preview files and totally changed my mind. This looks really cool. I'm on board and pimping it on FB and my blog.