Friday, May 18, 2012

Filling in the Map Part III: Artifacts


MISSION: Kuiper Belt Exploration and Prospect Analysis
DATE: 2612.5.18
LOG FILE: Kuiper Belt Expedition 505 - C.S.C. 1001 Helios
AUTHOR: [REDACTED------>], Astro Intelligence Division

After the last transmission we received the C.S.C. Command Council met to go over the evidence. In addition to the Helios' A.I. persona's written report, still images, and poor quality audio, we were able to capture two more images. The first was recovered from one of the geo-rovers that went with the team, below the surface of Tarkas in their drill vehicle "Rocky". Images were then bounced to Helios via drones on the surface and the second of the two files was badly damaged, but the Graphics Dept. is working on enhancing.

Here's the first, we're not sure when exactly it was taken:

The astrobiologists and geology teams are up in arms right now--one of them even claims this is some sort of city-like structure. All analysts on this project are in quarantine until further notice. Nobody calls home--nobody leaves the facility. At this time I'd like to enter into the record my own misgivings about [REDACTED--------------------------->] and I think it's best we assume these [REDACTED---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->]. It's essential we proceed with utmost caution.

At 0850 hours I ordered a press blackout. So far we've been reporting that contact was lost due to a malfunctioning relay satellite, but that won't satisfy them for long. We made such a stink about this mission at the start that the whole thing is ready to go to hell once they catch on.

I'll have orders in one hour, once the Council is out of session.



Session just ended--we're clear to form a special strike team to go in. I'll send mission and manifest details soon, but you should alert your best personnel now and let them know they'll be flying into a hot zone. We're still aiming at keeping this quiet. If word of this leaks, we'll have [REDACTED--------------->] from Naval Space Command chomping at the bit to nuke the entire belt.

One last thing--there's a good chance they won't come home. Give them one hour to contact kin and get them up to the space elevator pad by 1600 hours.



Graphics just finished enhancement. Thought you'd like to see what we're up against:

Mission details to follow shortly.


Images by artist Kilian Eng

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