Monday, May 16, 2011

What if: Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune of the 70s

I think it's almost redundant to put he term "avant garde" before Alejandro Jodorowsky's name, but one thing's for sure--his version of Dune would have been a visual spectacle that David Lynch would have never dreamed.

The above clip is from an upcoming documentary on Jodorowsky's never filmed version of the Dune saga. Call it: Galáctica Fantástico!

Here's a few more details over at Twitch Film in case you've never heard about this incredible, missed opportunity in cinema.

Oh, and a few of Moebius' illustrations (that's right, Moebius!) from the pre-production process that never got past the initial stages: has more in-depth info on Jodorowsky's abandoned Dune.


  1. I like some of Moebius' designs (though they are very much of their era), and I think from what I've read of Jodorowsky's script that it would be been interesting, but not really Dune.

    He supposedly recycled a lot of his ideas for that script in The Incal and Metabarons comic universe.

  2. Great stuff, I had never heard of this previously.

  3. Always really loved the concept art for the Jowdorosky Dune. Moebius' stuff in particular would make a good fit for the HumanSpace Empire setting over on Ix.

  4. I love some Jodo, Dune, Dali (who was to play the Emperor), and Moebius...I really wish the film had been made...looking forward to the documentary.