Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Watch out for the Thunderbeam!

Man, the cool stuff is rolling in this week! I'm a big fan of DIY imagineering and the developer fellas from upstart Karakasa Games in the video above are doing just that. They're working on an iPad adventure-style game (think Maniac Mansion or the Monkey Island series) with a psychedelic, 70s sci-fi bent. In fact, this might be the closest thing we get to a Multinauts-style game.

The best part is that it's cast in the same mold as the vintage point-and-click games that oldie von moldies like myself played on the C64. (A moment of silence for Defender of the Crown, my personal fav.)

Anyway, they've set up a Kickstarter project page to help them get the game made. No, I don't know them in any way. Yes, you should still totally give them a buck. I don't even plan on getting an iPad and I still made a small donation--games like this are needed: cerebral, fun, gorgeous, and melodic games.

Here's how they are bringing teh awesome:
  • The game features a retro harpsichord and theremin soundtrack reminiscent from British sci-fi TV shows from the 70s
  • ADVENTURE GAME! = no boring blasting away
  • Hombrewed by engineers who call their day-jobs "soul sucking"!
And it's called....
Thunderbeam Poster!

On a side note, this is the third project I've proudly supported through Kickstarter. I'll vouch that it's a fantastic system. It's both a boon to grassroots creative projects and also very transparent to supporters. If a project doesn't meet it's funding goal, you don't get charged--even if you only gave $1. So far, I've had success with both previous projects I've previously supported and I'm hoping this one makes it the finish line too (3 for 3!).

Anyway, I support stuff I like, and really like this. So consider this spreading the goodness!


  1. Ok I am totally sucked into 70s era scifi and freaky weird stuff so this looks very cool.

    I also don't have or planning to get an iPad, but I want these guy to do well.

  2. Wow - that sounds cool. I remember that show too - The Third Eye. Wow. Blast from the past. Don't have an ipad - I do have a pad, though. Not quite the hardware reqs though. :)

    - Ark