Monday, November 8, 2010

Fueled up and back on track!

Seriously, again? WTF?!
After a (too long) involuntary hiatus spent repelling yet another attack from cyberspace invaders, I've been slowly ramping back up to full power. I actually had to leave it with the shop for a WEEK. It took another week of running updates and backing up files and now things seem to be running smoothly again.

So, what does this mean exactly? Well, we're back on track for the return of Far Out Finds next Sunday and a whole slew of other goodness that I've been writing in--let's call it--"analog mode" (see right).

In any case, I'm a big believer in making up for falling short of the goal line, so I offer up a few time(space) killing links that will surely suck up any free moments you had planned for something more productive. (Note to self: "Timespace Killers" sounds like a cool idea for some sort of dimensional hit squad!)....

Anyway, you get what I mean--you click on a link that seems inoccuous enough and the next thing you know 4 hours have gone by. Here's a few recent time holes I've lost time too:
So those should keep you occupied while I get a few more posts in this week.

Expiscor Eternus!


    1. You know, I live in the Seattle area (30 minutes out) and have never been to that museum once!

      Their free day is on a day I always work and they charge a lot to get in otherwise.

      If I make it, I'll take pics, but I missed their big Pulp scifi exibit too *sob*.


    2. Ooo--I saw that one! Spring 09, right? I was in town for work and got to go, it was EXCELLENT. They did a great job illustrating each era. It gave an important historical context for fiction by outlining all the sub-genres. It really should be a permanent exhibit!

    3. What a great one for you to be able to catch!

      The rest of my family did get to see that one, but alas I had to work when they went.