Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More John Carter: Comic Anthology Coming in January

Looks like Darkhorse comics is going to be reprinting the old Marvel John Carter comics in a collected trade paperback edition in color and for about $15. Following is an excerpt I found on (hat tip to those fine gents!)....
Since his serialized debut in All-Story magazine in 1912, the spacefaring adventurer John Carter of Mars has become one of Edgar Rice Burroughs' most beloved characters. The star of decades worth of novels and comic books, he's soon to be immortalized on the silver screen as well, in the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures major film release John Carter of Mars! In this volume, John Carter, an ex-soldier turned prospector, is transported to Mars—"Barsoom," as it is known to its natives—under mysterious circumstances, and becomes a champion dedicated to protecting his new home and newly found love, the princess Dejah Thoris, from warring alien civilizations and a host of deadly Barsoomian beasts!
This edition is scheduled to go on sale January 12, 2011.

Read the rest (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page).

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  1. John Carter usually wore short BLACK hair; however,
    He did where the golden wig of Sator Throg while navigating the Corridors of Peril.

    Marvel also did a decent JC,WoM comic series in the 1970s . . .