Monday, August 16, 2010

Deleted RotJ Scene: Luke Skywalker Fashions a Lightsaber

I'm sure you've heard by now that a 27-year-old deleted scene from Return of the Jedi made it's debut at Celebration V (that's nerdspeak for Star Wars convention) in Orlando this past weekend.

It's just a snippet, but a nice little bit of insight into the path of Luke's ascent to become a Jedi. Here, in shakey-cam goodness, is the footage:


  1. Must be a fan thing. I love original Star Wars, but am a big prequel hater. Anything that reminds me of the prequel (like this does) is excruciating.

    Did they show other deleted scenes as well?

  2. I don't know if they showed other scenes or not. I didn't go to C5, but there's been a steady stream of updates from the blog-o-verse. This was the only deleted footage that I've seen, but more clips may have been shown. I believe it was screened in conjunction with the announcement that the films are finally coming to Blu-ray next year. I'm hoping there are more deleted scenes on the disks.

    I think the scene is interesting from a filmmaking perspective, in that Lucas and Marquand (the director) correctly axed it so as to give Luke a more dramatic--and the droids more comedic--entrances in the film. It would have taken away the mystery of the plan to rescue Solo.

    I'm always interested in deleted scenes for that reason--to understand a little more about the decision making process.

  3. My mom - who is a huge SW fanatic - says that from the side his mouth looks uncanny, but from the front he looks "too lippy", and his hands looks to large. She notes that Mark had a car accident that ruined his upper lip (requiring cosmetic surgery) near the end of the first movie, and by the time of ESB he had a slightly different upper lip. I take her word for this as she had a major school-girl crush on him for years, with a number of steamy fan-fics, and made worse when he sported some tight black pants in RTotJ -- in other words, she can spot a fake from an ass shot alone! =P

    I ran a Google image search for "Mark Hamill car accident" and I can see the contras.

  4. I think at least one guy in the audience had a nerdgasm.

    Having said that, cool clip.