Sunday, June 27, 2010

Random Space Finds #20 (Special 1d20 Edition!)

Floating flotsam and jetsam, tumbling slowly in the void (1d20:)
  1. Moderately damaged ramscoop intake, if repaired, will meet 25% of ship's fuel requirements, coolness factor will increase proportionally
  2. High-gain antennae, bent
  3. Huge "Viva Las Vega" casino sign
  4. 3 Blank transponder units
  5. Universal remote, will operate any electrical device within 20 feet, for 1d4 rounds, can be used once per game
  6. Robotic motivator unit (burnt out, repairable)
  7. Electro whip (2d6 damage + AGL or DEX bonus)
  8. 9 tons of Sinisite crystals
  9. Half-dozen humanoid cloning cultures, recently initiated
  10. Pair of climbing claws, need sharpening
  11. Classified dossier files with love letters written in alien language between a human prince and alien princess from enemy empires
  12. 14" eyeball floating in sealed preserves container, iris still responds to light 
  13. Battered targeting system computer, enhances to hit if repaired (200 cr = +1; 400 cr = +2; 1,000 cr = 1d6, 1,500 cr = 1d6+2)
  14. Gorlicon egg (6 meters tall)
  15. 370 meters of internal deck plating
  16. Dozen robot restraining bolts, 1d12 of them are faulty
  17. Automated mook yan jong, increases fighting skill by +1 for every week of practice
  18. Yellow roller coaster car, skeletal remains of 6 occupants, spoiler-mounted thrusters still operational
  19. 7,051 hard bristle brushes
  20. Piggy bank, 1,200 credits inside, underside states "Reward if Returned" and gives owner's planet and address


  1. OMG!!! So that what happened to The Great Space Coaster?!?

  2. That's up to the PCs to find out! ;)

  3. When it said "d20 edition" I was totally expecting to see each entry marked with a Feat pre-requisite for use ;)

  4. Ha! I should have said 1d20! D'oh!