Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ralphie Saves Flash Gordon

This is little link I found over Christmas and meant to post during Flash Gordon month (let's just say 2011 is Flash Gordon Year!).

Apparently in the film, A Christmas Story, there was a deleted scene of radio show junkie Ralphie listening to a Flash Gordon broadcast and daydreaming a rescue of Flash from Ming the Merciless.

In the scene, Flash is lashed to a "cobra tree" with snakeskin bark while Ming monologues on his imminent doom. The tree is supposed to awaken and devour our hero. A perfect example of injecting a little homebrew "weird" into the story! Ralph arrives with his trusty Red Rider BB gun to save Flash and well...I don't want to ruin it, so head on over to the film's legacy site to find out how it ends. Sadly, the none of the footage survived to present day.
If you're ever in Cleveland, you can tour the house used in the film and to see costumes, drawings, and the script.


  1. Fascinating! I had no idea about that deleted scene.

  2. Yeah, pretty cool, huh? I can't remember what led me to find that on the interwebs, but it's a great bunch of scenes.

  3. This is about 20 shades of cool. Ralphie's the man!