Monday, January 11, 2010


Discovery Eternal! Or something like that. It sounds good, right? Originally I wanted to go with something like "Ad Astra, Ad Infinitum" which I think all die-hard sci-fi fans could figure out, but it was a really bad, half-assed attempt at latin syntax. Instead I went whole-assed for alliteration!

Yes, I've begun yet another blog, this time with a sci-fi slant. I know, I know, I should really find a central spot for all my ideas. But Spell Card! didn't seem like the appropriate place since it's main focus is more fantasy and Threads of Adventure is about true stories as fodder for adventure. And while I love fantasy genres, I LOVE SCIENCE FICTION. No, really, I do.

So what's this about and what exactly are Exonauts? 
Well, the way I see it they're explorers of anything "out there," whether it be the deep blue, the wild blue yonder, or the last frontier. They could be  Atlantean precursors to an ancient empire, the last race of a ruined civilization under a dying sun, or  star-hopping swashbucklers near the galactic core. Or maybe they're time-space traveling between all of the above. They're anyone looking for adventure.

I thought about starting world building project like Athanor, Algol, Urutsk, or Thool, encapsulating entire realms (some of my favorite blogs as a matter of fact!). In fact, why couldn't they land in ancient Hyboria and slay demons alongside Conan? I like to think that Exonauts could visit and explore any of those worlds should they choose to enter the coordinates. I'm just providing the means to get there and the plasma charge to survive.

The way my brain works, I vacillate between sci-fi genres greatly, whether it's science fiction, science fantasy, or just plain science, so you should expect healthy helpings of all of the above. Along the way I hope to touch on ideas for stories, games, and whatever else we can dream up. And I wouldn't count out a little cross-over from my other blogs.

There will be the obvious influences: Flash, Buck, Buckaroo, and more--but there will also be plenty of surprises along the way. Watch for new posts and regular features soon!

Until then, let's hear it for bad Latin with great alliteration:

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