Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"The A2s always were a bit twitchy."

The David 8s, however, are nothing but sublime!

So here's your next X-plorers non-player android. He's an NPC of course so he can go and hijack the mission with new, hidden objectives. I've included basic PC stats as well. Enjoy!

MODEL: DAVID 8 (prefers to go by "David")
MAKE: Weyland Industries, Cybernetics Division
HEIGHT: 1.86 meters
WEIGHT: 86 kg
PRESENCE (PRE): 12 (cannot be higher due to manufacturer's program settings)
CLASS: Scientist
HP 10 +1d6 per level
BASIC HIT BONUS n/a; skill levels begin at advanced levels to compensate
AC 14

While David 8 is constructed of the most advanced Dura-ternity™ polymers for rugged use, he must wear a pressurized suit (space suit) for submarine, offworld, or EVA excursions. Further data on this is classified at this time.

David model androids are capable of executing a wide array of enhanced skills set programs. Below are some of our more popular enhancements and the related attribute. All Davids begin with "Science" as their primary skill. Purchasers may pick three (3)  more skills at no cost. Additional skills are $6,000 cr. Skills always begin at level 3.
  • Science (INT) - the primary skill for the David 8, purchasers may choose a model with a subspecialty at no additional cost. May be swapped for "Medicine" skill but model cannot have both.
  • Computers (INT)
  • Security (INT) - hidden espionage skill
  • Mechanics (INT)
  • Robotics (INT) - self repair, remote drone construction and repair
  • Pilot (AGL) - all Weyland Corp. vehicles (space, land, air, aquatic) full catalog included
  • Linguistics (INT)  - fluent in all known Earth languages, this is a free skill. 
  • Sociology (INT) 
  • Games (INT) - all models come highly knowledgable in chess (up to Grand Master level) as well as many others
  • Sleight of Hand (AGL) comes in handy for fixed-blade, mess hall exhibitions

David upgrades his skills using a small wireless data antenna embedded in his left wrist. This port acts as a universal computer interface that allow him to control complex systems without need for manual or verbal commands. It also comes with a nifty helmet, which serves no practical purpose, save to be stylish.

As David is an android (we prefer the term "cybernetic being") he is not capable of psionic abilities. He may eat regular food and metabolize from it, as a human would, but he prefers to interface with a power port in his quarters when possible to fully charge. A full charge will last 30 Earth days. Without a full charge after the 30 days, the unit will begin to lose -1 attribute score per day (GM's choice). He takes one full sleep cycle to recharge fully at which point his attributes will be restored. David recharges wirelessly in a modified sleep pod to avoid "confusing" human crew members.

Also, there may be occasion for you to program your David 8 to violate one of the 3 Laws of Robotics in order to achieve classified mission goals. You'll be happy to know that David 8 is fully capable of executing these commands without damaging his logic systems.

More about David 8 from Weyland Industries

NOTE: This version is undergoing revision. I may need to revisit/revise this posting further once the film debuts to reflect a more accurate portrayal. As it is, I took some liberties anyway. :)


  1. What;s interesting to contemplate is that by the time this commercial is meant to depict, David isn't utterly distressing for a substantial number of people.

  2. Agreed. Also Michael Fassbender may be the first human to reach the "uncanny valley"!

  3. Brilliant! To see someone so good at being so subtly unsettling is marvelous. 'Uncanny Valley', indeed!