Sunday, September 4, 2011



X-Plorers is now available as a box set, softcover print-on-demand, or a no-art FREE download. You now have THREE WAYS to start conquering the galaxy--and you could be doing so as soon as THIS AFTERNOON while you wait for your box or softcover to arrive in the mail. Here's a look at the inside of the softcover....

The game is rules-light and can be played as-is, but it's REAL strength is in it's ability to be fiddled with under the hood. Personally, I like to tinker and I'm working on my own setting using the rules. If you're looking for more resources to help get started, check out the X-Plorers tab on the top of this blog.

On a side note, the venerable Space Admiral and X-Plorers Publisher John Adams is holding a new character sheet design contest. The winner will receive a FREE box set of the game! So submit your designs to Brave Halfling.

In the mean time, pick up the game right now and start X-ploring!

Expiscor Eternus!


  1. Nice, have you heard if anyone plans to add alien races? or an official psionics expansion?

  2. @Brutorz Bill: There's a psionics PDF labeled "official" at the X-Plorers group on Yahoo. Here's a direct link.

  3. Bill, I've got some ideas about new alien races that I'll be posting. And both Ze and John are correct about psionics you can get the rules in both places. :D

  4. This looks really cool. I would love to get the box set.
    Do you know when the deadline for the character sheet competition is?
    Also, forgive my ignorance, what are the measurements for digest size?

  5. Can't wait to get my box set now! Wa hoo!

  6. @Nemo, I'm not sure on the deadline, you may want to check out John's post.

    @Needles, "Wa hoo!" is right!

  7. I already bought the Lulu edition and wrote up gobs of house rule mods on my blog so I see no need to rebuy it. Looks really nice though.

    Hopefully the new version will get more people talking about it. Its a REALLY nice game!

  8. Well I guess I should have done better research, didn't realize this one had the psionics rules included! Sweet! John, I'm excited to hear you have alot of expansions planned for it! It's a nice system!

  9. Hey Captain Rufus, how about some linkage to your X-p Houserules?

    I too am psyched about the X-p releases from BHP. But of course I am; two or three will be adventures ("missions" sounds better for SciFi, doesn't it?) I wrote. Hope you all enjoy them!