Thursday, April 22, 2010

Occupation: Space Pioneer (a.k.a, Homesteader)

(A new class for X-plorers RPG)
Requirements: PHY 8
Prime Requisite: PRE
Hit Dice: Add +1 for hardiness (in addition to physique bonus)

Space pioneers are hardy individuals who have ventured out into the wilderness of the galaxy with the intention of establishing a permanent residence on another world. Pioneers seek the great challenges and rewards that come from self-reliance, hard work, willingness to adapt, and to some extent—solitude. No settler is truly an island unto her or himself though and also must learn to communicate with many other cultures and forms of life should they expect to thrive in hostile environs. Because of this, their prime requisite relies more on inner fortitude and willpower than raw intelligence or even physical stamina (hence Presence is listed).

Pioneers select from one of the four basic classes to start and add the following skill set bonuses:
  • Scientist : +2 on any one scientist skill
  • Soldier: +1 on demolition restricted to mining and +2 for survival, 0 on all other skills
  • Scout: +1 on any one scout skill
  • Technician: +2 on any one technician skill
Space pioneers may multi-class in Scientist, Scout, and Technician classes, but not Soldier. PCs who multi-class should otherwise be treated normally per the X-plorers rulebook (see page 13).

There is no maximum level set for this class.

The Space Settlement Act of 2436 provides space pioneers with a beginning balance of 10,000 credits (a one-time, upfront stipend) as dispensed by Central Space Command (CSC) to spend on transportation, equipment, and supplies. In addition, they have the option of earning an additional $800 credits in a standard month (28 Earth days) should they sign a contract for a sensor unit that will transmit data about their settlement’s environment back to Earth. Upkeep of the unit is required and tampering will void any agreement and the ability to earn income.

Space pioneers will need transportation, provisions, and the means to provide for themselves continuously through agrarian endeavors, mining, or procurement of other natural resources. Pioneers may take up a trade or sell goods (such as those resources they have grown or mined) to supplement income but cannot become full-time merchants.

Homesteaders must each have their own Survival Pack (page 14) and carry at least a sidearm at all times. All space pioneers are human.

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  1. Jay,

    This is a cool start, but the way you have them written up makes them more akin to a race rather than a class. This is not a problem really as it does take a certain kind of person to be a space pioneer.

    One thing I do notice when looking over the write-up for the pioneers is that there are bonuses, but nothing really to balance them out. Perhaps some sort of drawback or penalty could be assigned?