Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Anime Star Wars: How is this not a real thing?

I wouldn't count myself a card-carrying anime fan. I mean I love Star Blazers, Robotech and Cowboy Bebop. I grew up on Voltron and Tranzor Z (Mazinger) and later, Transformers. I've had my mind blown by Akira and Dragun Getter was my spirit animal. And everything Miyazaki makes is pure gold, rinse, wash, repeat.

But I'm of the old guard anime fans. We didn't even call it that when I was a kid. Dumb grown ups called it "Japanimation," a term that is as culturally oblivious as it is offensive. We didn't have nearly the diversity of programming--or genres, for that matter--that the current generation enjoys. Let alone all the hybrid content that's sprung up since then (I'm looking at you Adventure Time).

My point is, other than a few exceptions (some mentioned above) there's not much else in the style I really enjoy. My tastes are odd and finicky. I can't watch Dragonball. I've tried, it's just not for me.


How is this not an actual show in production?!

Your move Disney.

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  1. I am with you 100%

    I can't stand quite a lot of anime, but all the ones you mentioned are some of my favourites.....still remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch Robotech, good times :)

    Probably one of the weirdest anime movies I like is Wicked City, completely fucked up, but I likes it!

    If your into yelling matches then Dragonball is awesome, I can't stand it either.

    That short is amazing, can't believe it was done by one guy, except for the music.

    Love your work.