Thursday, June 26, 2014

OGRE pocket edition for $3!

Stopped into my local FLGS, The Source, and found a pile of these pocked editions of OGRE for the low, LOW price of $2.95! How could I resist?

In the little x baggie, you get a 4" x 7" rules booklet, a 8" x 13" map, and 140 counters. Everything you need to play a futuristic tank battle! 

What a nice surprise to find this new release by Steve Jackson Games--and sold for the same price as when it was first released in 1977.

Pick one up at your local game store  or order one from SJG!


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed! I wish more minigames were published like this. I wouldn't mind paying a little more, but the format is what counts.

  2. This sucks! I was over there yesterday asking about it-and Burl and John were saying they had them in the warehouse but not in the store. You're welcome.

    1. Oh man! You should call tomorrow and see if they can set one aside for you. They just had them there in a big pile. And thank you!!! ;)

    2. They're supposed to put one in my bin to pick-up whenever I'm able to drop by. But I will call to double-check.

  3. I'm SO psyched this is finally out!
    the original OGRE pocket game was the first "real" game I played as a kid, discovered amoug a pile of my brothers old comics in the basement.

    by "real" i mean not chutes & ladders, monopoly, things like that. :-)