Tuesday, May 27, 2014

VIDEO: Fan-made anime is the Star Wars + Robotech lovechild you always wanted!

THIS needs to be a real thing! At the moment, it looks to be a piece of an unfinished whole--one that I hope is eventually completed by the extremely talented Otaking77077. The fast-action dogfights between Imperial TIEs and Rebel X-wings are made even more exciting by an imposing, original soundtrack.

I've always loved the way traditionally drawn Japanese animation realized laser blasts, smoke plumes, and tracer fire effects. Here is the perfect marriage of that imitable style, combined with what appears to be some cell-shaded 3D models (computer graphics). That's my guess anyway. I've asked the creator to clarify how it was made. If it's not a blend of both--and truly all hand drawn--then it truly is a remarkable feat. Either way, it's pretty flippin' amazing!

Hat tip to Phil over at Battlegrip for this one!


  1. That's awesome!!!!

    Hope it gets made into a feature length anime.

    Also, it's about time we get to see the bad guys actually hitting something with their lasers too.

    1. Exactly! Imperials with actual dogfighting skills!