Thursday, March 27, 2014

VIDEO: Story hints abound in latest Jupiter Ascending trailer

This follow-up to the first trailer aims to make up some ground in giving us some hints about plots and characters. Honestly, this should have been the first one. I think space opera is a genre that needs more story introduction than most. (I'd lump John Carter in there as well--the marketing for that film did it no favors.)

The new JA trailer is lush with incredible visuals--like a sleek version of Star Wars or a space-trippy version of Shadowrun. The Wachowskis are never ones ones to disappoint when it comes to eye candy. But I'm also looking forward to learning more about the story, including the (apparently) massive spacefaring civilization that exists around the planet Jupiter. And what's this "industry" that Earth is a part of? (Please, please don't let it be growing humans as batteries!!)

And was that Sean Bean? Space Ned Stark might be worth the price of admission alone!

I will say that I'm totally unimpressed with the posters though. I have zero photoshop skills and these look like they were rushed:

Here's hoping that the movie outshines its (up until now) awkward marketing sprint. Still, lots of well-rendered high-tech gadgets, fantastic art direction, and beautifully conceived space scenes are helping to give it some legs!

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