Friday, January 10, 2014

Comics Pull List Revised!

For the last few months, I've been whittling my pull list down and now I've only got two titles.

One hasn't even started yet, the new Silver Surfer by Dan Slott and artist Mike Allred. It looks like Allred is the perfect fit to illustrate this character! I loved his take on FF (somtimes called "Fantastic Faux"), which were basically replacements for the Fantastic Four. I still love that series, but stopped picking up individual issues and opted for the trade pub version, mostly to save some scratch, but I also prefer reading complete storylines in big books. I'll miss those individual covers though!

Allred's art has a carefree, joyously colorful look to it that I just relish. And judging by the cover, it'll be the kinda' fun that the surfer should be having.

The other is a title I've blogged about previously, and the first issue didn't disappoint--Rick Remender's return to space-fi in Black Science! It's dripping with the cool, unmerciful and cosmic setting you're used to finding in an H.P. Lovecraft tale, but with a little gonzo/wa-hoo in the mix.

I'm technically also signed up for The Star Wars, that "rough script" version of George Lucas' original screenplay for the eponymous film. The art is really fantastic. The story is just okay. The actual layout--how the story fits together panel-by-panel--is terrible. So much so that I basically bought the last issue in my pull file out of guilt, which makes me feel terrible. If it didn't have "Star Wars" on the cover you'd think it was just a poor imitator not worth reading.


  1. My list right now:

    "Afterlife with Archie" - Archie comics
    I'll be honest I totally bought the first issue for name value alone (great play on Archie's more mature book "Life with Archie,) but I ended up really enjoying the first issue and have stuck with it so far. The Riverdale crew are perfect for a horror serries, and while the zombie genera may be a bit played out for some I still eat the stuff up. The art alone is worth the cover price.

    "The Fox" -Redcircle / Archie Comics
    Who would have ever thought I'd be buying two Archie books a month? I had been looking for a comic that was less dark and gritty for a while when I was suprised by "the Fox." It's a really fun comic with a fun premise. The Fox is a hero that yearns for a normal life but keeps getting sucked into the bizarre. It's been described as a silver age pulp story with modern pacing. I'd say it's my favorite book right now. I'm determinately going to keep an eye on the Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel after reading this.

    "Aquaman" -DC
    Yay! They haven't cancelled it since last time. Unfortuantly they did change the writer and art team since then. The new writer has only had two issues so I'm not sure if what to make of it yet, I've got high hopes though.

    "The Army of Dr. Moreau" Monkey Brains (read digitally via comixology)
    Sadly no relation to the Sherlock Holemes Pastiche, but no less fun a premiss. The Nazi's are researching Animal Human hybrids and an allied special ops unit must stop them from unleaching their new ultimate weapon. It's only on issue two but it looks fun so far.

    "Elephantmen:" - Image (read Digitaly)
    I just started this series after some one suggested it to me when I mentioned enjoying "The Army of Dr Moreau," and I've got a ton of catching up wot do. Take one part "Alien Nation" and one part "Blade Runner" and you have an idea of this book. It's a great Noir book, and I'm enjoying every minute. This book makes me yearn for a good cyberpunk game.

    "Black Science" - Image
    Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Those are some great suggestions! I did pick up the first issue of Afterlife With Archie and loved it. I'm not a big zombie person, but it was a lot of fun. I didn't realize it was a series!

      I've heard good things about Elephantmen, I''ll have to check that one out.