Friday, November 9, 2012

Kevin Smith's idea for Star Wars 7...

It sounds like it would make for a better TV series than movie. No, wait! What am I saying? It would make for a GREAT RPG campaign, via GeekyRant:

With no access to the actual Star Wars films until the VCR was made affordable to the average consumer, we'd create our own Star Wars adventures. The best story (and the only one outside of the movie canon that we'd repeatedly play) wasn't about Luke and Leia: It was about inexplicable fan-fave Boba Fett -- the intergalactic bounty hunter who brings a carbonite-frozen Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt.

The plot of our backyard adventure: Boba Fett gets trapped by robotic gunslinger IG-88 in a Star Wars universe time loop, sending him through all the movies as well as moments only referenced in the flicks.

In some eras, he's a hero -- even getting to kiss Princess Leia instead of Luke (this was before Return of the Jedi made 'em relatives). Other times when the chrono-belt pulled him into another era, Fett's the villain he's always known as in the flicks. The time-travel plot allowed us to touch on the well-told stories of the movies we so adored, but it also gave us a chance to mash 'em up with the funkier flights-of-fancy Pete and I would manufacture. It was like an episode of Quantum Leap before that show ever existed, and it was our favorite Star Wars adventure.
Wow, that even seems like it would redeem Fett a little for ending up as Sarlacc mulch. I think I'd rather see an original story for the next trilogy, but there's lots to mine there for a plotline to a comic or game. It would definitely give him back a little much-needed street cred.

P.S. I'm coming around to this whole Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm, BTW. I'll do a more in-depth post soon!

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