Friday, October 12, 2012

VICTORY at my FLGS: Pulp sci-fi returns!

So about month or so ago I started pestering my friendly local game store, The Source: Comics and Games to pick up X-plorers. To be fair, it was seemingly pre-destined to arrive there since they were already receiving shipments from the same distributor that Brave Halfling (the publisher) uses.

So while the game was on it's way, they didn't really have any retro-lookin' pulpy, science fiction minis to go with it, save for--literally a handfull--of Reaper minis that look like everything else TOO MODERN.

So I bugged them and bugged them and bugged them and bugged them and bugged them and bugged them bugged them and bugged them and professed my undying love and fandom and bugged them and bugged them and bugged and bugged them and sent them flowers and bugged them and bugged them and bugged them and....sent an email to the owner....aaaaaand...

LO and behold they set up an account with Hydra Miniatures so ANYONE in the Twin Cities (ostensibly running a retro-flavored sci-fi campaign) can pick up some of these bad boys (and girls.... and robots....and aliens....):

I've LONG pined for these guys to be available from a local retailer. So this is a really a dream come true in a sense. 

Now that there's more than one flavor of sci-fi mini available locally (as opposed to the hordes of Reaper minis taking over the walls at every game store in the area) this points to a very real possibility of me organizing an X-plorers campaign at the Source, hopefully before the end of the year.

Heck, I might even pick up a copy of War Rocket, their sci-fi spaceship combat game to supe-up the starship battles in X-plorers (which are quite light, quick, and easy, but don't include rules for things like ramming enemies, like WR does). 

If you live in the area and want these babies, check out Hydra's site and then give the Source a call and order. It'd be GREAT if they saw the potential behind this kind of game and started stocking the shelves with them!

P.S. All copies of X-plorers had sold out last week when I was there, but I'm told more are on the way. If that $12.95 is burning a hole in your space suit, order one direct from Brave Halfling.

All images are from Hydra Miniatures website. Show them some love and buy thousands of dollars of tiny space fleets and space Valkyries and live long and prosper!

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