Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tintin's other car is a space tank!

I'd die for a print of this incredible painting by Greg Broadmore of Weta (the visual effects wizards who animated the new Tintin film). I'm already ga-ga over his Dr. Grordbort's line of ray guns and other steampunky works (books, posters, etc.). And since there's talk of a sequel, this gives me huge hope that it might actually appear in a follow-up on the big screen.

This illustration is an homage to a panel from Explorers on the Moon, 17th in the Tin Tin series, and featured in The Art of the Adventures of Tintin.

BTW, saw Tintin last Friday and LOVED it. Apparently others did too--it took home a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature, Sunday night.

Seeing this has me thinking that it might be time for me to work up some space vehicle posts!

Via io9

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