Thursday, December 1, 2011

John Carter of Mars Trailer #2 is out

Honestly, this looks like a lot of fun to me. Does it hew closely to the source material?

Wait--a better question is--does it hold the spirit of the material in high enough regard?


It's at least obvious now that Stanton is truly is trying to make Barsoom appear as an alien world. (One of the earlier criticsms of the first trailer which looked too much like Utah where it was filmed.) Take the white "ape" it's definitely ape-like, but to make a gorilla with six limbs would be phoning it in, wouldn't it? I think I'm warming to his day-blinded version.

So far, I'm still excited and I hope it turns out well. I guess I'll know at the end credits on March 9 for sure.


  1. The Michael Whelan covers (which formed my initial impression of Barsoom) frequently featured a blue sky, so I'm not as het up about that detail as some are.

    And it certainly looks parched, as Barsoom ought.

  2. Oh, and yes to the white ape thing. I like the idea that "white ape" is a phrase Carter came up with to make the reality more manageable. :)

  3. Looks sweet!

    Was that Led Zeppelin's Kashmir as the sound track?

  4. @Bill, yeah, or some form of it. @Jayson, I agree on the white ape being his way of dealing!

  5. I hope that the goal is to make something that would make E.R. Burroughs proud. Although Peter Jackson said he was doing the same thing with the Lord of the Rings....