Saturday, August 6, 2011

Actual Science Fiction in Two New Movies? That's crazy!

This first one features a new take on aliens (at least for movies) as electrostatic entities bent on sucking the planet dry of energy and vaporizing us along the way. It's nice to something actually a little different making it's way to the silver screen. Somebody needs to stat those things up!

This next one is directed by Andrew Niccol, who directed one of my favorite films, Gattaca. This has a similar "marginalized lower class breaks into the uppper class" theme but what's really fascinating is how time is used. It's a sci-fi movie about time--but not about time travel!

I'm always going to love big space operas like Star Wars, alien smashfests like Cowboys vs. Aliens, or dystopian parables like Rise of the Planet of the Apes--but the films featured in these two clips really have my interest piqued.

Hollywood: This is a good start--now make MORE like these!

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