Friday, July 8, 2011

Wishlist: Plastic Sci-Fi Minis

I've been wanting some decent 1:72 scale sci-fi minis for a while now. But alas, they don't exist. At least not in the style that I'm hoping for. See, what I need is something akin to pulp science fiction rendered in a cheaper plastic format like these from Caesar Miniatures:

...that look like these:

Robot on left

These are from Bronze Age Miniatures but they're metal :(

Here's an alien...

Hydra Miniatures makes awesome stuff, but again--all metal. I'd buy their entire catalog if I had my druthers.

And we all know this guy should really be holding a gun or a lightsaber:

I just can't seem to find a good cache of pulpy space-opera-y minis out there. And the key here is in PLASTIC. Preferably a box like Caesar, but I'm not choosy. Does anything like this exist? Any sculptors out there want to take a crack at this?


  1. I'd love to have some cheap sci-fi minis like that too.

  2. Me too. And I'm not even a mini fan (though I used to have just about every WWII army in 1/72 when I was a kid in the 70ies). What kind of game would you play with them? That sounds intriguing too :-)

  3. @James, FWIW I emailed Caesar but that likely went into a server in a janitor's closet.

    @Jaap, the better question is what game WOULDN'T I play. Besides X-plorers there's a ton of sci-fi games out there that I think would be great (Star Frontiers, Humanspace Empires, etc.).

    Those boys over at Hydra are working on a sci-fi (non spaceship) mini game that I think would be a nice distraction from a regular campaign.

  4. 1/72s would be nice, but 28-32mms are so plentiful I think most people just use them and aren't really keen on minis out of synch.

    If you don't mind prepaints some of the Star Wars minis boosters can be found at Targets on clearance and are roughly 1/72.

    Me I have so many GW ish scale scifis I just don't have the need for that scale. I think lots of people are the same. And all the sweet sweet AT 43 clearanced price minis scratch whatever scifi itch I have.