Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday Space Opera with Scalzi

Over the weekend I had the chance to meet sci-fi author Jon Scalzi at Uncle Hugo's bookstore and get him to sign my (just cracked-open copy) of Old Man's War and a recently purchased edition of The New Space Opera 2, in which he has a short story. He was invited to come meet folks while promoting his new book Red Shirts, about those unlucky laser-catching fodder that do the busy work of running a spaceship. Alas, the book in question was out of stock, apparently it's sold through its first printing (Hugo's did everything they could though to get copies).

The shop runners there are just great and very knowledgeable. It was my first visit and I can tell you I'll be back because in addition to newer fare, they've got PILES AND PILES of older, out-of-print books that are just tough to find these days. Though I wasn't looking for it, I snatched up a copy of Fritz Leiber's Swords Against Death.

Scalzi is of course, every bit as personable and genuine as he makes himself out to be on his long-running blog, Whatever, and so it was a pleasure to chat with him. I know he's basically "on" while he's there, which must be exhausting when touring city-to-city. So I can't actually bring myself to annoy someone who is likely a lot like myself--enjoys traveling but relishes the luxury of being a homebody.

So instead of the usual "I love your book!" chatter, we bantered about parking, and talked of nothing of importance, which I much preferred. I left him two tokens of my appreciation, members of the Galaxy Laser Team who I told him should "see him home safely". He seemed to take right to 'em.

I'm thinking this might be his next best-seller.


  1. A lot of fans missed the bright colors of the originals, so this year we added bright green vs. blue and red vs. orange versions.

  2. Dude, I am so there! I'm going to have to hunt some of those down--thanks for letting me know!